Here are some finished pages from ROOKERY PRESENTS: DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES by  Carmen Pizarro, Sheila Machicado, Marlena Konglau, and Christopher Gomez!

Rookery Presents is an anthology of comics and illustrations tied together by the theme “dreams and nightmares.” With 19 contributing artists, this volume promises to tantalize your unconscious desires.

This book will make its debut at SPX in September. 

Contributing artists: 

Carmen Pizarro,  Sheila Machicado,  Marlena Konglau,  Christopher Gomez,  Rebecca George,  Peter Schmidt,  Tyler Boss,  Giselle Sarmiento,  Stephanie Bailey,  Lorena Reyes,  Jess Hurley,  June Vigants,  Jenna Kass,  Hazel Newlevant,  Crystal Rivera,  Paulo Campos,  Jennifer “Steen” Lloyd,  Ashley Silva,  Sara Duvall

You can also donate to our indiegogo campaign to help fund the printing of the book here: 

Check it out you guys! A whole bunch of amazing artists are apart of this! If you could please signal boost!!!

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Online Store Opening Giveaway!!!

I´m holding a giveaway to celebrate the opening of my online store : )
Please check out my online store here
Orders made during first two weeks get a free gift!

Here is the list of the things you can win in the giveaway:

  • All of the four Pokémon sticker sets
  • A set of ten postcards
  • Kuki art book with exclusive prints or with seeds if the winner is from Finland
  • A tote bag with black print
  • The Yokai Trio brooches
  • Four watercolour prints: Spirit, Ningyo, Ghost tricks and Peach
  • Four 15cm x 15cm watercolour prints: Ghosts, Maneki neko, Tanuki and Moonlight Rabbit
  • First copy of my new comic book MEGABITE

Notes and reblogs count as votes. I offer worldwide shipping. The draw will end at 7:00 pm. UTC +2 (Finnish time) on Monday 18th of August and the winner will be announced in my blog but also keep your ask-boxes open so I can message you in person! : )

Thank you for looking and good luck everyone! : )

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My contribution to the Rookery 2 Anthology that I’m happy to be apart of !!!

  • Based on a dream that I had of two kaiju about to face off.


8-bitkidkenji asked:

How did u get better at drawing hands and clothes


How I got better at drawing hands and clothes is realizing and catching yourself thinking that you know what a “hand” looks like and making up it up from your mind I had a big problem with that.You have to use reference and really look at what you’re trying to recreate. Breaking down the object into shapes at first and really getting the shape and “the base” of it is the key then going back into it and finessing it because if you don’t have a good base then the structure will fail. I hope that helps you out and made sense! :)



I’ve gotten a lot of new followers lately, and to celebrate all of you lovely people I’m gonna give away FREE STUFF in a TUMBLR/FACEBOOK CONTEST!!! I’ll be randomly choosing three winners. Here’s what you could win:

- All 8 stickers from my Hard Femme Mermaid Sticker Collection
- A custom Sparkly Felt Bat Brooch
- A Girl Gang Patch of your choosing
- A digital portrait (in PDF and transparent PNG form) that you can show off on the web or print or WHATEVER! <3 I could even make you into a mermaid or centaur. Whatever you want!

All 8 stickers from my Hard Femme Mermaid Sticker Collection
- A Girl Gang Patch of your choosing

 All 8 stickers from my Hard Femme Mermaid Sticker Collection

How to enter:
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I’ll announce the winners Friday, August 22 (about a month from now). If this does well I’ll be inclined to have more giveaways so y’all will have more chances to snag some Spidersaurus freebies!

(All prizes except the portrait are available in my shop)

Alright, let’s see how this goes! Good luck, everyone!

just signal boosting a great artist’s contest, WOWEE MAMA LOOKIT THESE GRAND STICKERS DOE 


rachaelprefershereyeslow asked:



Yeah whenever you want just hit me up of what you want for a tat design and il give you a price but you got to do me a solid and if you get it tatted on ya I would love to see a pic of it !!!

WIP my frog like monster is coming along !

Figuring out ideas hmmmmmm
It’s gonna be two monsters rushing at each other but what will the other look like?


hymn-of-doom asked:

Hi there


Hello tony :)

I felt pretty cute the other day so I thought I would post a pic for once



There has been a lot of stuff going on at Out of Step Arts here in the last little bit. I’ve been adding new books and original art to the store, you can buy shirts with designs from the artists in the OOSA Bodega, and now, the OOSA Print Shop is open where you can buy high quality print-on-demand fine art Giclee prints. We have several prints available already and we’ll be adding more all of the time, including some from a few of our friends!

So to help get the word out about all of these great things being offered to you by the OOSA artists and to celebrate our upcoming 3-year anniversary, I want to give you an opportunity to get free stuff! It’s easy, all you have to do is share this post.  

How it works:

  • Anyone who reblogs this post will be entered for a chance to win a free print from the Print Shop. “Likes” are appreciated, but they won’t get you entered in the contest.
  • On 8/1/14, I’ll randomly select three (3) people as winners. Winners will be notified via Tumblr, so be sure you have your ask or mail features activated. 
  • The three people selected will let me know which print they want based on what is in the Print Shop at the time the contest ends. We have currently have 7 prints, but plan on adding more. (*Some restrictions may apply, but I doubt it.)
  • I’ll mail you your print for free worldwide! Winners will not incur any costs or fees.  
  • If the person(s) selected cannot be contacted via tumblr, do(es) not respond timely, or declines, another person(s) will be be chosen.

Not bad for clicking a button, huh? 

Out of Step Arts features Alexis Ziritt, Nathan Fox, Logan Faerber, Ming Doyle, Andrew MacLean, Toby Cypress, Liz Suburbia, Paul Maybury, Chris Visions and Greg Ruth. 

You can find OOSA on Twitter, Instagram and online at

Thanks for getting the word out about OOSA. Your help is certainly appreciated. Good luck!

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